Danielle Carroll

When DC moved to DC in 2009 her plate was full of cooking, teaching and a side of pet care. Word of her being fluent in husky and giving the best paw rubs in town quickly spread and without a hitch pet care took up more and more of her time. In January 2012, Danielle dropped her vegetables, hopped on her bike and joined Brighter Days.

At night, when Danielle hangs up her carabiner full of keys, she often winds down by cooking up something spicy or reading up on crystal healing and sacred geometry. She loves geeking out about ancient civilizations and dancing in a corner to the heavy bass of tribal music. At times you can find her having a jam session on her living room floor with her mouthy cats Tiger, Twinkie and Tink – they take the highs and she takes the lows.

When Danielle grows up, she wants to be a philanthropist who supports the curious and long winded.