Diana Vashti

Diana Maria Vashti spent the first 23 years of her life in the beautiful but cold Great Lakes state of Michigan. She spent most of her time at the beaches, in the dunes, or at a concert. Diana started playing music around age 10 and continues to do so every day of her life. She plays bass in local bands Fell Types and Mary-Christ.

After growing up with a Golden Retriever named Rusty, three cockatiels (Jasmine, Alladin, and Baby) and a Maltese/Poodle mix named Lily she was overjoyed to join Brighter Days to spend so much time with so many cute and awesome animals. She currently has two cats: a maine coon mix named Nico Lou, and a tabby named Lilian Tuffy.

Diana’s passions in life are all rooted in social justice and things that are delicious. She loves to discuss feminism over a great oatmeal stout, or progressive politics over a good stir-fry. She collects vinyl and likes role playing video games. She also has an intense love for graphic novels and Batman.
Diana is a amateur bike mechanic and hopes to one day bike across the United States.
She is a tattooed, pierced, proud dork, and general bada$$.