Meet our dog walkers

Betty Rothstein

I joined Brighter Days Collective in April 2019, but I have been walking dogs since I was a small child. I rely on a trusty bicycle to get around DC, and loooove exploring the city with furry pals! Dog walking is a form of meditation for me, where I can tune in to my surroundings [...]


Syn Hong

Syn joined Brighter Days in January of 2016. They hail from Taiwan by way of New York and Baltimore, and have loved dogs ever since the day their mother said they couldn't have one (she caved eventually!). They currently live in northeast with a house full of rad humans. When not walking dogs, reading, gaming, [...]


Jordan Oeste

Jordan is a lifelong dog aficionado who has been with Brighter Days since spring 2013. Previously, she spent three years working as an animal caretaker at the Washington Humane Society (now the Humane Rescue Alliance), where she cultivated knowledge and skills in companion animal behavior, training and health. Jordan is proud to be part of [...]