Meet our dog walkers

Lauren Karaffa

Lauren has been passionate about animal care since childhood. Growing up in the small town of Granville, Ohio, her family had so many different kinds of pets, they would jokingly refer to their house as The Granville Zoo. Lauren also volunteered at the local Humane Society on the weekends where she walked dogs and took […]

Sangam ‘Alopeke

Sangam joined Brighter Days in fall of 2016, although they have previously worked in petcare and was a veterinary technician. They grew up in the Washington DC area, and recently moved back after several years away. Currently living in northwest in a co-op house with a single very energetic pup, they love animals, the outdoors, […]

Syn Hong

Syn joined Brighter Days in January of 2016. They hail from Taiwan by way of New York and Baltimore, and have loved dogs ever since the day their mother said they couldn’t have one (she caved eventually!). They currently live in northwest with a house full of rad humans and one rad pup. When not […]

Devin Miller

Devin joined Brighter Days in January of 2007 after a two-year dog-walking stint with another agency.  He enjoys biking, yelling, the outdoors, shouting, and spur-of-the-moment travel. Devin owns a welsh terrier that walks on two legs and talks like a human.  You should hear these two conversate! Learning impeccable manners and style from his owner, […]

Benji Rivera

Born in Puerto Rico, the son of a veterinarian, Benji has been around animals his entire life. In his 20s he decided to leave home to try his luck and explore, after graduating from business school, he landed a job dog walking and fell in love with the pet care industry. After three years of […]

Andy Gale

Andy Gale works in the rapidly expanding Petworth neighborhood, where he, his partner and two children reside. He hails, just across the river, from Arlington, VA and began dog walking in Mt. Pleasant when he moved to the District in 2002. In the years between then and now, Andy has also worked for DC indie […]

jeremy dogphoto

Jeremy Weyl

  Jeremy joined the Brighter Days team in spring of 2013. Before moving to DC in 2011 for a fellowship as a global justice organizer, he lived in Worcester, MA studying international and community development. In Worcester, he worked with high school youth on environmental justice issues. Before heading up to New England, he grew […]

Jordan Oeste

Jordan is a lifelong dog aficionado who has been with Brighter Days since spring 2013. Previously, she spent three years working as an animal caretaker at the Washington Humane Society (now the Humane Rescue Alliance), where she cultivated knowledge and skills in companion animal behavior, training and health. Jordan is proud to be part of […]