Haul No!

Brighter Days supports indigenous-led resistance of the Canyon Mine uranium mine and haul route. The proposed route would send up to 30 tons of raw radioactive ore per day via trucks with little shielding through Hopi and Navajo lands for processing at the White Mesa Mill, only three miles from the Ute Mountain Ute tribal [...]

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Ten Years of Brighter Days!

Can you believe it? Brighter Days Collective is ten years old! Over the past decade, we have created an alternative model to the typical top-down dog walking business with just two small routes that have grown to service Adams Morgan, Brightwood, Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, Lanier Heights, Logan Circle, Mount Pleasant, Park View, Petworth, and U [...]

Tricks and Treats

Halloween is a fun holiday for humans large and small, but it can be very stressful for some pooches! Even if they're able to bear their silly costumes with dignity, they might find the steady stream of small strangers coming to the door as ghosts and goblins unnerving. After the trick-or-treating is done, there are [...]

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Standing with Standing Rock

After months of protest, the Standing Rock Sioux have obtained a short-term administrative injunction from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to halt construction on the Dakota Access pipeline along a 20-mile stretch on either side of the Missouri River, where it threatens the tribe's sacred ancestral lands and its supply [...]

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Vote for Your Favorite, and Only, Dog Walking Collective!

Nominate Brighter Days for Washington City Paper's Best of D.C.  Follow the link listed below to get our name in DC's free newspaper! City Paper, a news outlet that tailors it's content to local cities, is a FREE resource.  It provides thoughtful, critical content; information that is vital to preserving the integrity of this City. To [...]


Walking (Dogs) in a Winter Wonderland

Winter Storm Jonas dumped around two feet of snow on D.C. in the latter half of January. Despite basically accurate weather forecasts and attending preparations both public and private, our city was paralyzed for the better part of a week. It's been a trip! Much like us, our dogs had their moments of joyous romping [...]


Supporting ThriveDC’s winter clothing drive

Upon moving back to the DMV this past fall, I was stunned to learn the price of a one bedroom and quickly realized that it was beyond my reach. The price of housing (like in many urban places) is a barrier to entry for many in this City; but then let's say you have a [...]


Local non-profit organization seeks to end intergenerational incarceration

Friends and Family of Incarcerated People (FFOIP) is a local non-profit organization that seeks to end intergenerational incarceration. Through social, cultural, and youth development activities, FFOIP assists DC's at-risk youth and families in maintaining relationships with loved ones who are incarcerated. FFOIP does this in a number of ways, including trips to visit loved ones, [...]


Dog Walking as One – Metro Weekly interviews Whit McLure

The Brighter Days dog-walking collective marries good service with progressive ideals Read Whit's Interview with Metro Weekly, the largest and longest-running LGBT publication in DC!   "...Daily human or canine social contact is a necessity for dogs, and that interaction becomes much less stressful for them when constantly accompanied by a familiar, friendly face. The good people [...]