Cleo, recently rescued from Kuwait. Now a proud Brighter Days client.

On March 24th, 2010, the only animal shelter in Kuwait suffered a tragic electrical fire and could no longer house the 60 some dogs that lived there.  Forty of the dogs found homes in Kuwait and the Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL) agreed to take in the remainder and find them good homes.  To hear all the details of this story, you can go here:

Brighter Days has been lucky enough to be the new care taker of one of these dogs!  Cleo, a desert dog from Kuwait, arrived in her new home last thursday.  She is sweet and skinny and doing a great job adjusting to her new home.  Cleo’s likes include belly rubs, running up and down the stairs in her new house, trans-atlantic travel, and face kisses.

Brighter Days’ Abigail and Cleo walking together

Also, our favorite Saluki/English Wolfhound mix that we walk Sabra, was invited to WARL to play with and help socialize some of the Kuwaiti dogs.  The animals who came over to the US included two Saluki mixed dogs for Sabra to make friends with.  There’s no cooler relative than uncle Sabra!

And hey, if you are bored at work and have already looked at all the pictures on, check out the flickr page for the kuwaiti dogs.  It’s here:

Our own cute overload