We are currently in need of a dependable full-time sub dog walker Monday-Friday, with the option to work weekends and evenings for extra pay. Tasks include safely walking dogs to and from their homes, communicating effectively with clients and collective members, honoring unique requests from clients, and ensuring that all dogs are treated with love and care. You will have a repeating roster of dogs every week, and also pick up/pass off walks as needed to allow for sick days, vacation, and equitable distribution of labor.

This sub position is temporary for four months, with the option of becoming a full-time collective member at the end of the four-month period.

Responsibilities of Substitute Dog Walker:

– Walking dogs to and from their homes in a safe manner
– Walking multiple dogs at a time
– Working outside in various weather conditions
– Assisting with new client consultations and filling out client information form
– Recording information about which dogs were walked, the length of the walks, and any unexpected or abnormal observations
– Pet waste collection and disposal
– Providing fresh water and food to all dogs as needed
– Following all essential protocols to ensure the safety of the dogs and those around them
– Providing clients with regular updates, including images, videos, and locations
– Notifying owners if their pets become ill or wounded prior to, during, or after a walk


Demonstrated experience working with dogs. During the peak walking hours of Monday-Friday 11 am – 4 pm, be available to walk dogs. The ability to walk for extended distances and be on your feet for up to 5 hours a day (though usually less). Be available for weekly 1.5-2 hour collective meeting. Patient, prompt, and trustworthy. Dependable, communicative and accountable. Exceptional customer service skills. Experience with and enthusiasm for collectively or cooperatively run endeavors.

Expected pay:
$20/hour for a 25 hour work week. $2,000/month.

If you’re interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@brighterdayscollective.com. In your cover letter, we ask that you answer the following questions:

– Why are you excited to work with dogs?
– What excites you about being part of a collective?
– Why do you want to become a business owner (if seeking collective member status at end of sub period)?
– What experience do you have biking in the city?